We are always looking for new scientific collaborations!

We accept samples from both academic and non-academic institutions. Non-Cornell users should contact Sam MacMillan to discuss their needs and pricing. Special financial arrangements can be made to accommodate users. We try to provide results as quickly as possible, often within a week.

Structure Determination
  • Full service collection (Cornell users: $200), including data collection, structure determination and a finished structure report
  • Unit-cell determination (Cornell users: $20)
  • 3D printed structure (priced per gram of plastic used)
Publication Support
  • Data validation
  • Preparation of figures and tables
  • Need a movie of your structure for your next presentation? We can do that!
Database and Program Support
  • Searches for known compounds in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD)
  • PC workstation with crystallography software for Cornell users
  • Consultations, assistance with structure solution/refinement, and instrument training are always freeĀ for Cornell users
Data Management
  • Files are backed up to an off-campus server as well as to an in-house external hard drive
  • Cornell users only – find out how to access your finalized data remotely (FileShare Access Instructions)