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Congrats to Spencer, Wes and Nicholas!

Congratulations to Spencer Heins, Wes Morris and Nicholas Livezey from the Wolczanski group (CU Chemistry) for their recently published article in Organometallics!

Complexes of [(dadi)Ti(L/X)]m That Reveal Redox Non-Innocence and a Stepwise Carbene Insertion into a Carbon–Carbon Bond

Spencer P. Heins, Wesley D. Morris, Thomas R. Cundari, Samantha N. MacMillan, Emil B. Lobkovsky, Nicholas M. Livezey, and Peter T. Wolczanski


Congrats to Brian!

Congratulations to Brian Lindley from the Wolczanski group (CU Chemistry) for his recently published article in Organometallics!

First-Row Transition Metal and Lithium Pyridine-ene-amide Complexes Exhibiting N- and C-Isomers and Ligand-Based Activation of Benzylic C–H Bonds

Brian M. LindleyPeter T. WolczanskiThomas R. Cundari, and Emil B. Lobkovsky

DOI: 10.1021/acs.organomet.5b00385

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