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Congrats to Paden, Sierra and Josh!

Congratulations to Paden King, Sierra Marker and Josh Woods from the Wilson group (CU Chemistry) for their recently published article in Chemistry-A European Journal!

A Rhenium Isonitrile Complex Induces Unfolded Protein Response-Mediated Apoptosis in Cancer Cells

A. Paden King, Sierra C. Marker, Robert V. Swanda, Joshua J. Woods, Shu-Bing Qian and Justin J. Wilson


Congrats to Dan and Joaquin!

Congratulations to Dan Lehnherr and Joaquin Alzola from the Dichtel group (CU Chemistry) for their recently published article in Chemistry, A European Journal!

Regioselective Synthesis of Polyheterohalogenated Naphthalenes via the Benzannulation of Haloalkynes

Dan Lehnherr, Joaquin M. Alzola, Emil B. Lobkovsky, and William R. Dichtel


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