A sample submission form (download) must accompany each sample.

Cornell users: The facility operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so please come to STO 167 to reserve your spot in the queue. Once contacted by the facility, bring your sample and completed submission form to the facility. If you have air- or moisture-sensitive samples, please contact Sam MacMillan to plan appropriately.

Outside users: Please contact Sam MacMillan prior to sending your samples and completed submission forms to the facility.

Once you have crystals, DO NOT remove the solvent!

Many times, solvent molecules cocrystallize with your compound and thus are integral parts of the crystal lattice. Removing the mother liquor or drying your crystals can cause the volatile solvent molecules to evaporate from the lattice, leaving holes that can damage or even destroy your crystal.

Need help growing crystals? Stop by the facility and we can teach you about the techniques used to grow quality single crystals. In the meantime, check out Peter Müller’s (MIT) great tutorial on growing crystals.